Yamaha Guitar Course

Let us develop the Guitarist in you!

Master the classical guitar techniques with Yamaha’s original curriculum and course materials. YGC students develop Guitar playing techniques as well as singing, music reading, improvising and creating music. They also learn music fundamentals such as: notes and chord reading, ear training, solo and ensemble playing with various music styles. Our qualified teachers will guide you through a structured study of classical guitar repertoires that are designed for beginners and advanced level students. They will also prepare you for the Yamaha Guitar Grade Exams.

Yamaha Classical Guitar Levels of Examination

YGC prepares students to take the Yamaha Guitar Grade Examination, which is an internationally-recognized system that enables everyone who is learning music to improve their musical skills in a well-planned manner while verifying their musical ability, as an essential step for motivation and establishment of a solid musical foundation.

To experience a more musical and fun lesson, MIDI accompaniment data are available in the classroom.

Audio materials are also provided with the textbooks, which include performances of repertoire pieces and exercises for students to refer to and practice at home.

Course Contents

  1. Melody Exercise
  2. Scale
  3. Chord exercise
  4. Training
  5. Exercise for Solo Playing
  6. Repertoire
  7. Reference pieces
  8. Music Theory
  9. Rhythm Strum

The YGC textbooks are in 6 volumes, each being equivalent to one grade, so that students can feel the easy step-by-step progress when moving from one textbook to the next.

* Examinations are recommended but not mandatory.
* Chapter 1 of Volume 1 = Grade 13
* Chapter 2 of Volume 1 = Grade 12
(Grades 13 & 12 are considered optional)


Target Students
9 years old and above

Course Setting
Individual or group lessons

Lesson Duration
30 or 60 minutes

Course Materials
YGC 1-6 books
Audio materials