First Yamaha Music
School in Saudi Arabia is now open!

To offer the joy of music to everyone and to cultivate the musical sensitivity that everyone is born with.

The first Yamaha Music School opens now in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and with it many opportunities to enter the world of music.

People of all ages can now enjoy learning music through a unique curriculum that not only teaches playing techniques, but also music theory, reading, ensemble performance and other skills.

Yamaha Music School (aDawliah) offers a high quality music education system, with highly skilled and trained teachers from diverse backgrounds.

Our school is located in the heart of busy Riyadh. The humble facilities are equipped with our best instruments to give our students the best experience they can get.

We currently offer a range of courses: Piano, Keyboard, Violin, Classical Guitar, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Electric Bass, as well as Ukulele and Vocal.

The Yamaha teaching methods allow students from the age of 4 and above to learn music in a fun and effective way, alone or in a group.

Do not hesitate to visit or call our school to know more about the most suitable music path for you or your child.

Let’s spread the joy of music!